J. Matthews isn't your typical pop artist. To him, genre's have always been more of an experiment than a definitive style. Any story worth telling has its phases, its unique chapters, its unexpected twists, and J. Matts' music captures this element through an unexpected, yet cohesive, rhapsody. Two songs that sound completely different are somehow still connected. The reason for this? J. Matts' staple: his lyrics. J. was always a writer first and foremost, even before he embraced his talents in music. Day after day he'd write songs, poems, and even short stories on the quiet, dead end street he grew up on in the suburbs of Connecticut. Inspired by artists like Ed Sheeran, Halsey, and Lauv, storytelling is at the heart of who he is as an artist. When listening to J. Matthews you'll feel deep, personal notes to his voice, wrapped around a melody to match, connecting stories that transcend linear genre.